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Since 1967 specialists in the production of products for cattle and pigs breeding.

Since 1967

Since 1967, in a few years, La Meccanica has gone from the first automatic feeders for poultry farming, to the production of a wide range of specific products, specially designed for the breeding of cattle and pigs.

Our company development was also possible thanks to the high technical know-how, acquired through collaboration with sector operators.

In addition to technical research, we have always given great importance to market needs and to innovations, suggested by direct experience.

So, we can offer to our customers, not only the most modern and competitive technologies, but also a proven knowledge of the sector: essential elements to start a livestock business and to keep it at a high quality level.

La Meccanica has increased the range of its products while remaining faithful to one principle: we make products constant updating, thanks to continuous research.

In addition of being technically reliable and highly productive, they are designed with great flexibility criteria. They can be easily adapted to any further changes and, therefore, grow and change together with the company, in which they are employed.


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Concerning breeding of dairy cattle, from small to large farms, we are able to provide internal and external equipment, milking systems, computerized and not-computerized feeding systems, manure transport equipment, watering systems, environmental correction systems, for free housing and for fixed housing.

Concerning pig breeding, we are able to provide internal equipments, feed transport systems, environmental correction systems, various feeding systems for both dry and liquid food (computerized and not-computerized); we also build computerized feeding systems for free-housing sows.

For farm animals in general, we are able to offer computerized identification systems, composed by implantable microchips under the skin.

Through this system, animals are identified from birth and kept under control, during all stages of production.


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