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Helicopter destratifiers move large quantity of air at low speed and cover an area equal to at least 3-4 times their diameter. During the Summer, Helicopters generate light and uniform ventilation, that lowers the perception of heat in the environment, making the workplace more comfortable for operators.

Even CNC, controlled by sophisticated and delicate electronic systems, will enjoy greater ventilation, so avoiding very expensive lock production due to overheating.

In the winter period, the destratifiers perform the function of mixing the air in the environment, making the temperature uniform at any height level. The hot air, which is normally stratified in the upper part of the structure, is carried downwards by the large blades of the Helicopters, mixing with the cooler air present on the ground.

The energy savings obtained are relevant and soon cover the initial investment for the purchase of the fans.

It is possible to manage the rotation speed of the fans manually or automatically, in order to obtain the desired thermic comfort.

Our destratifiers can generate air flows up to 400,000 mc/h, allowing the coverage of large areas with a low number of fans installed. Consumption are particularly low, thanks also to inverters installed or on the motors or into control panels.