Project Details

ProteCow ensures the cow protection during feeding in the station. At the time of distribution of the feed, the rear gates close slowly and protect the animal from the rest of the herd. After the meal is completed, the rear gates open automatically allowing the animal to go out.

At any time, the cow can in any case decide to leave the from the movable partition, exerting a slight pressure on the rear gates.

The system is controlled by an electronic board that allows to set a delay time for the gates opening, allowing the animal to complete the meal. The gates opening is entrusted to a robust pneumatic cylinder, which ensures its maximum reliability.

Animals are fed on a regular basis and even the weakest cattle are able to finish their meals in peace. This will increase the production of milk and eliminates damage to the udders due to the aggressive behaviour for access to the manger.

Protecow can be applied to feeding stations of the main manufacturing companies.