Project Details

The validity of the initial project and the continuous improvement over time, have made feeder systems for cows in tie stall one of the strengths of our production.

The automatic feeding in the tie stall stable eliminates waste and allows a drastic reduction in the consumption of animal feed. Targeted and precise rationing for each individual animal, combined with the ability to distribute the feed in frequent daily meals, significantly increases the production performance.

Animal feed is normally conveyed with a disc chain system, which is well suited to any type of stable, overcoming any structural barrier.
A further fundamental characteristic of the system is the adoption of a pneumatically operated dispenser that ensures maximum reliability and zero maintenance costs.

System diagram:

  1. Silo (not supplied by our company)
  2. Fiberglass or steel connection cone
  3. Stainless steel loading hopper
  4. Towing Group
  5. 90 ° bend
  6. Steel pipe
  7. Disc Chain
  8. Pneumatic Dispenser
  9. Manger
  10. Compressor with pressure regulation unit and solenoid valve
  11. Electrical panel with programming clock