The Destratifiers, also known as HVLS (High Volume Low Speed fans), move large volumes of air from up to down and implement a process of replacement, mixing and redistribution of air within the environment in which they operate.

The low speed of rotation of the blades produces a gentle and uniform breeze that lowers the temperature perceived in the stable and increases the animals welfare…


In 2020 we introduced the new Heliblade destratifier. Compared to “helicopter” model, it uses an even more performing wing profile that allows a 10% increase in air handling, with the same power unit.

Heliblade destrafiers use the same engines as the Helicopters and they are built in the same diameters.

The new airfoil design does not allow to use them in Reverse mode.


BORA 500 is a revolutionary high performance destratifier – fan. The design of the 3 blades, made in carbon fiber, is about aeronautical conception and allows a greater downward airthrustm, compared to the fans on the today market.

Blade’s lightness minimized the energy required to move them, further lowering the already low consumption of the motor with inverter on-board.


Forced ventilation in stables is traditionally made by axial fans (circulators) arranged vertically in the longitudinal direction, in the feeding and resting lanes just above the head of the animals.

We sell circulators with variable size up to a diameter of 140 cm. and with a flow rate of 41,200 m3/h. All our fans are equipped with motors designed for use at variable speeds and can be controlled both automatically or manually. It is possible to integrate ventilation with the “WetFan” large drop water sprinkling system.


WETFAN is our “heavy drop” cooling system designed to increase the welfare of animals during the summer. The nozzles are positioned on a pipe fixed to the rack.

Their range of action covers only the feeding lane, avoiding to wet both the ration and the berths. WETFAN can integrate with conventional ventilation system with vertical circulators or large “Helicopter” destratifiers. The showers programming module allows to set the minimum operation temperature, the frequency and duration of showers…



The new “D-FAN” circulator, with variable inclination, generate an important longitudinal air flow, guaranteeing optimal air changes.

“D-FAN” is equipped with 3 high efficiency blades and a special motor with inverter on board at low rpm. They are available in 2m and 2.5m diameters, both with the same 1.1 kW motor.