Project Details


“The perfect solution for welfare of your animals”

Decreases stress… increases milk production

The pivoting brush “MEC-BRUSH” improves the comfort of the animals, reduces stress, increases welfare and, as a result, increases the production of milk.

The pivoting brush “MEC-BRUSH”, removing dirt and parasites, cleans and maintains healthy of animals and, at the same time, improves hygiene into the barn.

Swings in all directions

By its two joints, “MEC-BRUSH” oscillates on the back, on the head and sides of the animals.

“MEC-BRUSH” starts to rotate on contact with the animal and stops automatically in a few seconds when he leaves.

 To make uniform usury of the bristles each departure of the brush occurs in the opposite direction of rotation, with respect to previous time.

If the brush feels too much effort, it stops immediately and, after 2 seconds, restarts again in the opposite direction.

Technical details

Automatic on/off

Alternate rotation direction

Kw 0,37 one-phase motor 230V

Overload protection

Brush diameter: 400 mm

Brush length: 800 mm

Bristles length: 130 mm